Youtube Thumbnail Downloader

YouTube Thumbnail Downloader

How To Use The Tool

  • Copy Video URL
  • Paste URL in the Box
  • The URL will be processed by itself
  • Click on the download button to download Full-Sized, High Quality thumbnail Images.

Thumbnail Downloader – Beginner Guide

Downloading Each thumbnail from a youtube video manually is time-consuming, so instead of downloading each thumbnail individually, you have to use a tool called Youtube Thumbnail Downloader.

This youtube thumbnail grabber tool will help in downloading HD thumbnails easily of your videos with just one click.

How To Use

Youtube Thumbnails Size

As per Youtube, the size of thumbnail must be 1280 × 720 Pixels. The smaller or larger thumbnails can cause viewers distraction. Viewers distraction mean low CTR. To get High CTR and Views, every Youtuber must need to create thumbnails as per Youtube Guidelines.

Youtube Thumbnails Colors

There is no particular restriction of Youtube on the use of colors in thumbnails. Still, as per experts, those YouTubers who used Red & White colors in their thumbnails got a shallow impression because these two colors are the primary color of the YouTube logo due to which viewers can go through it without noticing it. Instead of White & Red, use Dark colors to get viewers’ attention.

Accepted Thumbnails Format

Four famous formats are acceptable by youtube for uploading thumbnails.


Video Size For Youtube

Minimum Video Upload Size Must be 640 * 360 p, while the recommended size is 1280 * 720 p

Thumbnail Design Pro Tips


The whole game of youtube SEO starts from Thumbnail. Because the interaction of visitor and videos begin when the user click on Thumbnail. And user will click if the Thumbnail is so attractive.

The importance of thumbnails is too much because, through Thumbnail, we convey the summary of our entire content described in the video. You can say that the Thumbnail is the snapshot of your video.

youtube thumbnail grabber

Youtube Video Thumbnail Downloader

How To Make a Thumbnail For Youtube

  • How do I create my thumbnails for my YouTube videos?.Youtube thumbnail is the main thing which help you to promote your video on different social media platforms.
  • Thumbnail is considered the main and important part of your content because this is the first part of your content which is seen by viewers. Getting best and attractive thumbnail is difficult, so what to do now?
  • Get a stock photo of an attractive man
  • Place your face over his head with good Photoshop skills
  • Profit! Ok, offcourse not!
  • I’m kidding! Yes, photoshop skills are essential, but if this doesn’t sound like something that fits into your skillset, Let me share some best solutions one by one, and I am sure atleast one will help you to get solution to your thumbnails issue. Here are the top 5 options I recommend:

The first approach is to create your image. If you have some design experience, this should be pretty straightforward for you. Just make sure it’s not too complicated because if someone sees your video on Facebook and sees only the thumbnail, they might like what they see, click on the video but then when the content loads, it takes them out of their frame of mind.

What do I mean? Well…let me ask you something – has anyone told you that your eyes are different colors before? Is it weird, right? That’s why stock photos are so easy to use in most cases because people already know what you look like

The second alternative is to use your logo as the thumbnail. This makes sense because when your subscribers interact with you for a long time, then they know you by the logo. It means that when you become a brand then there is no need to design complex thumbnails for viewers’ attraction.

If you are completely dull and have no idea what to do, or you have a high budget then the best solution is to outsource. Outsourcing means hiring someone to create a thumbnail for you. But then one problem in outsourcing is that you have to explain the whole scenario of your video to the person who is creating a thumbnail for you.

The fourth alternative is to search copyright-free images on google or pixabay platform which represent your channel or a specific video. It can also be just another human being who doesn’t have anything to do with your content but has a look similar to yours.

This method is ok if you are not a perfectionist. Because you will not get pictures as per your requirements. Then you have to comprise a little bit.

The final method is to create it through Microsoft paint, but the issue is that the paint is not a professional tool and you will not be able to get quality thumbnails. Now, what to do?

The best option is to use online thumbnail maker tools which are providing ready-made templates, gifs, pictures, and a lot of other stuff. These tools are used by many famous YouTubers like carry minati and many others. Below I have discussed the top 5 thumbnail maker tools. Let’s have a look.

Scroll-Stopping Youtube Thumbnails

As we know, youtube thumbnails are the backbone of youtube SEO. You can even say that the success of a beginner YouTuber is based on the thumbnail and its design.

But the issue is that beginners have no budget to buy premium tools for thumbnail design. But you don’t need to be worried. We provide the list and basic overview of a few free but efficient tools. 

Free Youtube Thumbnail Maker Tools


Pickmaker is considered one of the best tools for free thumbnail creation. This tool has both free and paid modes. There are hundreds of free templates and icons and many other things that are enough for a beginner to start his youtube career. Everyone knows that paid mode always has some extra features. But the free model of this tool is still better than the paid model of other tools.

You need to register by email, and no credit card or other payment information is required in the free version.

Free Version Features

  • 1000+ Premium Ready Made Templates
  • 100+ Dimensional Ready Templates
  • AI-Based Design
  • Unlimited Elements, Fonts, Graphics & GIFs
  • Sharing Feature with Team
  • Export in Multiple Formats
  • 2 GB Space
  • Two Factor Authentication on Files
  • Free Webinars
  • Support Through Email Only


Visme is also the best player in the thumbnail maker industry because of its unique and pro-level features. It also has some unique and essential elements which make it good enough for beginners. This tool is performing very well in the paid subscription. But the free version is not shit. 

Free Version Features

  • Only 100MB Storage
  • Ready-Made Templates (Limited)
  • Download only in JPG
  • Public Project Feature

These are the only free features that Visme is providing. 


This is also a free tool that provides the free version, but it’s not better. Because the free features are minimal, this tool is also not popular due to its limited features.

Free Version Features

  • 5999 Templates
  • 5 Million HD Photos & Graphics
  • 3 Downloads Per Month 

That’s it.


Fotor is the tool that updates with time and according to the requirements of YouTubers and graphics designers. But the problem is that only paid users will get the benefits of those updates. But still, there is the accessible version of this tool which help a lot to its users, and their pro free version includes

Free Version Features

  • Basic Edits 
  • Photo effects
  • Portrait touch up
  • Collage layouts (Limited)
  • Design resources (Limited)
  • Download in JPG & PNG
  • HDR Tech


In the Last, we have a king called CANVA. You can imagine the power of this tool that it is used by more than 60 million people in 190 countries. The best part is that this tool has some free features which are paid for in other competing tools.

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