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YouTube Thumbnail Downloader

How to Use Youtube Thumbnail Downloader

Youtube Thumbnail Ripper is easy-to-use to you. You can easily download thumbnails from Youtube without any limitations. Also, you do not need any registration or to pay a fee for the download. This tool is completely free. Follow the simple steps below to download thumbnails in High Quality.

Step 1 : Open the Youtube App

Open Youtube App & Click on the three dots in the top right corner as shown below

get youtube thumbnail

Step 2 : Copy Youtube Video URL

Copy the Youtube Video URL by clicking on Copy Link as shown below

grab youtube thumbnail

Step 3 : Get Youtube Thumbnail

Paste the copied link in the tool and click on download to get youtube thumbnail

youtube thumbnail viewer

Use of Youtube Thumbnail Downloader

Youtube Thumbnail Downloader is a free tool that helps users easily grab youtube thumbnails in 4K & HD Quality by entering a valid Youtube video URL. You can download thumbnail Images directly to your computer, tablet or mobile using yt downloader. You can save and download thumbnails in High quality (HQ & 1080p) format.

Why we developed Youtube video thumbnail downloader? Because we noticed that Youtube does not allow downloading thumbnails. Due to this, people needed help downloading thumbnails. Youtube Thumbnail Downloader is a solution for those who want to get youtube thumbnails free and easily.

Thumbnail Downloader vs Taking Screenshot

AspectThumbnail DownloaderTaking Screenshot
EfficiencyQuickly fetch many thumbnails at onceOne Screenshot at a time
Specific ContentGet Targeted Images. e.g VideoCapture whatever is on the screen
Time SavingSaves time by batch downloadingImmediate capture with no extra steps
ConsistencyEnsure uniformity in thumbnail quality.Screenshots may very in Quality
PrecisionRetrieves accurate preview thumbnailsCaptures full screen, can be imprecise

Features of Youtube Thumbnail Downloader

3 Different Sizes

Fast Servers

No Login Required

Can Youtube Thumbnails Be Copyrighted

It is very easy to right-click on Images, videos and text and save them, but unfortunately, this may lead you to find yourself in trouble because of copyright infringement laws.

Are Youtube Thumbnails copyrighted? Yes, Youtube thumbnails can be copyrighted. Maybe the thumbnail we use is not copyrighted, but it is very risky to use someone else thumbnail.

We recommend using copyright-free images, which will help you to avoid any hassle.

Is it Legal to download Youtube Thumbnails

Yes! It’s legal 100%. You can download youtube video thumbnail , but downloading Youtube video is illegal. You can use Youtube video but you need video owner permission.

Who Needs Youtube Thumbnail Saver?

An appealing thumbnail is the backbone of Youtube videos. To design appealing & high CTR thumbnails, you need to save competitors’ youtube video thumbnails as references. That’s where the tool Youtube thumbnail Saver comes in. This tool helps content creators to get youtube thumbnails in 3 different sizes and higher quality.

Thumbnail Design Tips

youtube thumbnail downloader 4k hd

Design Thumbnails That Standout

Use lots of contrast. It helps to grab the attention of the scroller.

Don’t use those colours used on the surroundings of the Youtube Homepage.

Red, White & Black.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, You do not need an account to download thumbnails.

When the thumbnail gets downloaded, it is usually saved in the default folder, but if you cannot find the thumbnail, try the following method…

Window Users: Press Ctrl + J on the keyboard to see the download history.
Mac Users: Press Cmd + Shift + J on the keyboard to see the download history.
Mobile Users: Check your browser’s History.

Yes. We care about our users. Our tool is 100% safe and secure from any malware.

No. There is no limit on downloads, and you can download unlimited thumbnails.

Copy your video URL, go to and paste the link in the download box. Then click on Download to download the thumbnail in three different formats.

You can directly download a youtube thumbnail from youtube, but the issue is that the size is fixed. You have no choice but to download thumbnails in different sizes.

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