How to Enable Custom Thumbnails? (Best Method) 2022

Do you have problem uploading custom thumbnails? Enable Custom Thumbnails option by following the below steps.

Those who are working on youtube knows the importance of Youtube Thumbnail. The custom thumbnail is the key to success for every Youtuber because the thumbnail is the first part of youtube content that a viewer’s eye catches. Youtube allows customization of thumbnail only if your youtube channel is Verified.

Enable Custom Thumbnails

Stepwise Procedure For Verifying Youtube Channel

  • Open Youtube on PC/Laptop or in Mobile in Desktop View.
  • Sign to Your Youtube Channel or Click on Icon in Right-Top Corner (If already signed)
how to enable custom thumbnails
  • Click on Youtube Studio
how to get custom thumbnails
  • Click on Setting in Bottom
where is the custom thumbnail button on youtube
  • Click on Channel
youtube custom thumbnail not working
  • Now Click on Feature Eligibility
no custom thumbnail youtube
  • Click on Intermediate Features
how to make your youtube account eligible for custom thumbnails
  • Click on Blue Highlighted Verify Number. It will redirect you to another page.
how to add custom thumbnails to youtube
  • Select your country and type your mobile number & click on Get Code.
can't upload custom thumbnail youtube
  • In 10 to 60 seconds you will receive 6 digits verification code.
  • Put verification code and click on submit.
how to enable custom thumbnails on youtube
  • Wow! Congratulations Your Channel is verified now and now you can upload custom thumbnails.
youtube thumbnails not showing

Do you want to check whether custom thumbnail upload is enabled or not? Check by downloading any random thumbnail. Click Here