What is Youtube? Who Own it? | 2022 Information

Youtube is a video sharing platform where every user can watch, like, share, comment and upload a video to YouTube through their channel. It is an online tool that was created in 2005. But now, it is the most viewed platform on the internet. Around 6 billion hours of content are watched every month.

Youtube is considered the second largest search engine after google.

Types of Users

  • Viewers

Those people who are just watching videos are viewers.

  • Content Creators

Those creating unique content in any category and uploading it on youtube are content creators.

Is Youtube Free?

Youtube has been 100% since it was created. And millions of people are not only watching but generating a handsome amount of money through their youtube channels. There is also a premium version of Youtube, which was started in 2014. But the users of this version are very low, 20 million compared to the free version, which is 230 million.

Is youtube Safe?

Youtube is a very big platform, and people are uploading millions of videos each month. So there is a chance that some of the content is not appropriate for under 18 or 13 users.

But youtube is very concerned about this because it has enough restrictions and settings for categorizing the content for under 18 and above 18.

When uploading a video, youtube asks the channel owners to select the option that the video is made for kids or not. Also, there is a safety mode on youtube. By enabling that option, users will not see any inappropriate video.

Common Functions of Youtube

There are some common options that every common user can use on youtube. Let’s list all those options.

  1. Users can search and watch videos according to their needs.
  2. Users can like, comment & share any video that they like.
  3. Users can also download videos within the channel to view those videos offline.
  4. Every user can create a youtube channel by any name and upload the content.
  5. Everyone can also subscribe to other people’s channels if they are interested in that channel.
  6. Users can also create a playlist for a collection of songs, movies, educational content and any other type of content.

Create Youtube Channel

Every person can create a YouTube channel if they have an email account.

It’s very easy to create a YouTube channel. Suppose you are interested in YouTube channel creation. So have look at How to create a YouTube Channel in Simple steps.

What is Youtube SEO?

On every search engine, millions of people upload unique content, and most of them upload different content (Videos) on the same topic like “how to earn money from youtube”. Which video will rank higher?, and which will get more views?

To understand the video and recommend the best video to viewers for their search query, youtube developed an algorithm that helps them recognize the best videos and place them in the right position. This understanding of algorithm is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Some Common Factors are : Title , Description, Tags, Thumbnail Design, Video Quality and many more.

Who Owns Youtube?

Youtube was launched in 2005 by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim. But right after 1 year in 2006, google bought it for 1.65 billion Dollars.

Where is Youtube Headquarter?

The main headquarter of youtube is in San Bruno, California, United States.

Current Youtube CEO

The current youtube CEO is Susan Diane Wojcicki since 2014.