How to Blow Up on YouTube Fast | 4 Golden Tips

How to blow up on Youtube Fast? This is a very common question asked by every beginner on YouTube. But in 2023, it’s not easy to succeed in less time. Because YouTube is now strict enough compared to 5-year-old YouTube.

But still, if You follow the following steps and suggestions, you have a high chance of success.

how to blow up on youtube fast

Perfect Niche Selection

Niche selection is the most important part of starting a YouTube channel. You must select a niche in which you are highly interested because selecting a niche against your interest will lead you to failure. For example, you are a software developer, so you must select a specific niche from your degree, like Front-end Development, PHP, Python, etc.


Consistency is the second most important factor for success on YouTube. You have to create a plan that I will upload a video on YouTube every day or every week. It will help you to engage your audience. An engaging audience is the key to success on YouTube.

Be Active on Social Media

Create accounts on every social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest. Share your every video on these platforms to get some extra audience. You can also collaborate with social media influences to reach a wider audience.

SEO Optimization

YouTube Channel & Video optimization is lengthy, but I will share some points for you to get an idea.

  • Use of Relevant Keywords:

Use Relevant Keywords in the Title that 100% describe your video. Don’t try to cheat YouTube and people.

  • Proper Description:

Write a detailed about your video. Tell about your audience in the description of what the video is. You can also add additional resources in the description, which help viewers to understand your topic more precisely.

  • Tags:

Tags are like secondary keywords. Everyone doesn’t need to search your video by the keyword you targeted. There are different forms of your keywords that viewer search on YouTube. You have to use those keywords in the form of tags. Tags will help you to get views on untapped keywords.

  • Catchy-Thumbnail:

A thumbnail is the first thing that convinces the viewer to click on your video. Thumbnails play an important role in YouTube SEO. Creating a stunning thumbnail help, you get more clicks. Every beginner is confused about creating a beautiful thumbnail, but there is no need to worry.

Because nowadays, there are many AI tools which help you to create a Stop-Scrolling thumbnail. You can also get an idea by downloading thumbnails of top-performing videos using any thumbnail downloader tool.

Hope you got the answer that how to blow up on YouTube.